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A Helping Hand

Vacations for Humanity

At A Helping Hand, we develop short-term volunteer programs in environments that encourage people to immerse themselves in culture while simultaneously giving back to those in need, whether that be the people, children, or wildlife. 

As a company, our main goals are to promote cultural awareness and promote sustainability. The concept of Cultural Awareness is the foundation of communication. It involves the ability to be aware of our cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions. The concept of sustainability is to help others and teach them real-world skills they can use to improve their quality of life.

   Our trips have several criteria: promote safety, cultural diversity, make sure it is beneficial to a community in need, and to have significant interaction with the host community. This experience is a change from an everyday life and will immerse you in a new world. While you're enjoying your trip, be sure to remember to Turn Your Compassion Into Action. Volunteer With Us Today.

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